Review the basic requirements you need to meet in order for your funding application to be approved.

Motorcycle Title Loans

What is a Motorcycle Title Loan?

Motorcycle Title Loan is a type of financing that gives borrowers the opportunity to get money by using a motorcycle as collateral. At the time of the loan repayment, you will transfer the motorcycle title to the lender and return it when the debt is fully paid. Motorcycle Title Loans have different repayment terms: while some lenders offer repayment terms of up to 30 days, others offer from several months to a year.

Remember that Motorcycle Title Loans come with certain risks, as if you do not pay off the debt on time, you could lose your vehicle.

How does a Motorcycle Title Loan work?

Motorcycle Title Loans are a lot like traditional Car Title Loans. You transfer your motorcycle title to the lender while you pay off the loan. The advantage of such a loan is that you can continue to drive your motorcycle while the loan is repaid. There are 2 types of Motorcycle Title Loans: single payment Title Loan and monthly installment Title Loan. While single payment Title Loans have very short payment terms of up to 30 days, monthly installment Title Loans offer terms ranging from 2 months to a year. Remember that you must return not only the loan amount, but also the interest on the loan.

Requirements for obtaining a Motorcycle Title Loan

Motorcycle Title Loans have specific eligibility criteria that must be met in order for an application to be approved. While they may vary from lender to lender, explore the main ones:

  • Lien free title

The main factor is a motorcycle title without liens. This means you have a clear and free title. Thus, if you previously paid off the loan for this motorcycle, now you have a document that you fully own it.

  • Driver’s License

You also need to provide a current Driver’s License. Therefore, make sure you have the proper license type before submitting your application.

  • Proof of insurance

It is important to remember that you need full coverage insurance to get a loan. Without insurance, lenders won't be able to provide you with a loan.

  • Income

Before getting a loan, you need to decide how you will pay off the debt in order not to lose your collateral. Most lenders require proof of income, such as pay stubs, in order to make sure you can repay the debt.

  • Contact details and address

To contact you, the lender will also ask for contact details such as phone and email. You also need to provide proof of address (for example utility bill) in order to receive a loan.

How much can I get with a Motorcycle Title Loan?

The loan amount you can get can vary and depends on several factors. The first is the cost of your motorcycle. Experts will evaluate it based on the following criteria: make, model, condition, value and much more.

The second factor affecting the loan amount is the ability to pay off the debt. Thus, you must have a regular monthly source of income. You can often get up to 50% of the value of your motorcycle.